I am a PhD candidate in political theory and American Culture Studies at Washington University, St. Louis. I am also a graduate student affiliate with the Danforth Center on Religion and Politics. My research interests are in democratic theory, deliberative democracy, epistemology, social epistemology, and the relationship between academia and public life. Additionally, as of August 2018 I have accepted a 1 year Instructor position at SUNY Potsdam.

My dissertation Tuning in and Tuning Out: Deliberative Citizenship and Democracy’s Epistemic Potential, which I am completing under the direction of Clarissa Hayward (chair), Frank Lovett, Ian MacMullen, and Michael Neblo (OSU), articulates the epistemic benefits that democracies might enjoy if citizens are properly disposed. It also tries to articulate what those citizen dispositions are, emphasizing the listening, rather than the talking, aspect of political deliberations. 

Also, since March of 2011 I have been working as an Editor (in some form or another) for The Good SocietyCurrently, I am serving as a Senior Editor. I also serve as the Graduate Coordinator of WashU's Political Theory Workshop.