"The Politics of Judicial Procedures: The Role of Public Oral Hearings in the German Constitutional Court"


Accepted for Publication at the American Journal of Political Science

Working Papers

"Public Awareness and the Behavior of Unpopular Courts"

"Votes Seen and Unseen: A Test of a Roll-Call Vote Selection Model on Data from the European Parliament" ( with Clifford Carrubba, Matthew Gabel, and Simon Hug)

"Contextualizing Riots: Changing Explanations of Political Violence in India, 1971-2000" (with Sunita Parikh)

"The Logic of Minority Rights" (with Dalston G. Ward)

Research in Progress

"Comply Now or Later? The Straetgic Delay of Judicial Decisions"

"The Politics of References for Preliminary Rulings to the Court of Justice"

"Controlling the Caseload: The Political Nature of Designing Judicial Chamber Systems"